“Arthur Whang has been invaluable during this struggle. He has been honest, sage, resourceful and diligent in helping me- quick to offer varying strategies and approaches. Arthur has also dealt with the labor board on my behalf, as well as fully prepping me ahead of time for my informal hearing call (due to Covid) with the labor board & my 2 former employees, which gave me the confidence to address the issues at hand with knowledge and the correct language. This whole ordeal has been quite emotional for me, as it was again, unexpected and I truly considered these employees family. Arthur has been extremely empathetic and sensitive to my feelings, but also has the professionalism and know-how to help me separate my emotions from the business and legality of the situation. He explains everything very clearly, often using relatable analogies to spell things out. Lastly, Arthur has always been very responsive to my questions and needs and reachable on both weekends & evenings, when I have occasionally needed to reach out.”