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Whang Law Firm, P.C. is a highly sophisticated small-firm practice that specializes in employment law, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour law (for example: overtime, meal and rest periods, commissions, bonuses), leaves of absence, contract disputes, and related employment law issues.

We also provide individuals and companies with expert advice, counseling, and training in all manner of employment situations, including interviewing and hiring, discipline, terminations, and leaves of absence.

We are also experts in drafting, preparing, and reviewing employment-related contracts such as employment agreements, separation agreements, severance packages, independent contractor agreements, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, among others. For our counseling clients, we act as their “in-house” employment counsel and often forge long-lasting and continuing bonds with them. They call on us only when needed, and we spring into action to help explain the law and advise them.

Attorney Arthur Y. Whang, a law graduate from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., uses his extensive experience and knowledge obtained while working at elite, national law firms to vigorously, ethically, and efficiently represent clients in all manner of employment disputes. Arthur has been quoted as an employment law expert in news articles on Fox.com, USATODAY.com, and ESPN.com.

Arthur is honored to have been selected to the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 lists of Southern California Super Lawyers, which is a distinction reserved for only 5% of practicing lawyers in Southern California. And in 2018, Arthur was named as a Top 100 National Advocate for employment law. This is an honor reserved for only 100 lawyers in each practice area, throughout California.

As a small firm, Whang Law Firm, P.C. is able to focus on providing individual, focused attention to all of its clients and to emphasize quality over quantity.  We bill leanly and efficiently, and are highly adaptable and responsive to client needs. Please see what our clients say about us on our “Client Testimonials” page.

Whether you need an advocate to represent you in an employment dispute, or whether you need a lawyer to provide you or your company with advice and counseling, or an expert eye on key employment documents, we are ready to help you.

Recent Matters

These are some of our recent successes:

We represented a former maintenance manager who worked for a high-end residential apartment developer. Our client suffered sexual harassment while on the job and also was not paid properly. The former employer refused to pay for many of our client’s overtime hours, as well as failed to provide proper meal and rest periods. Our client was forced to work numerous hours off the clock at the direction of the employer. After 10 months of litigation, we settled the case in his favor.
We represented a former high-end employee of a publishing company in a case for unpaid wages, overtime, and unprovided meal and rest periods. Among other wage violations, our client worked numerous hours off the clock, including time spent driving for his job. We settled the matter before litigation for over 100 cents on the dollar.
We represent a successful, high-end manufacturer and retailer in a niche food product industry. In addition to helping with all of our client’s employment law issues as they arise, we recently conducted anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training at a number of our client’s locations, including in northern California, ultimately training hundreds of its managers.
We represented a former hospital employee who had blown the whistle on health and safety code violations. This employee, our client, was then retaliated against when the hospital started scheduling her to fewer shifts, writing her up for imagined offenses that other employees were not punished for, and ultimately firing her. We obtained, on our client’s behalf, a substantial six-figure settlement in her favor.

We represented the CEO of a publicly-traded financial institution in the negotiation and preparation of his new employment contract. In this particular case, we negotiated directly with the employer’s outside counsel for a period of several months to finalize his highly complex employment agreement.

We represented the former CFO of a high-profile entertainment company in the negotiation and preparation of his separation agreement, ultimately resulting in a favorable agreement and exit package for our client.