“I emphatically recommend Arthur Whang. During my initial consult, Arthur took the time to hear out all my concerns, and made sure to ask pertinent questions that related to specific legal claims I could potentially have.

Throughout the process, Arthur was transparent about the risk/benefit analysis that was required at every step, and never pressured me into making a decision. Arthur laid out all the pros and cons very carefully so that I could make the decision that fit best with my situation. For every decision point we came to, Arthur allowed me to have all the information needed to make as informed a decision as possible. I really appreciated his integrity, honesty, and professionalism that accompanied his sage counsel.

Arthur is also extremely detail oriented, and I was impressed on multiple occasions by how much he remembered from a single conversation. Arthur remembered things that I simply said in passing, and referenced them future conversations. It made me realize how much Arthur cares about his clients, as well as how much he cares about getting the facts straight and understanding the entire picture.

In the end, we fought an employer who tried to play hardball, and settled on very favorable terms. I cannot thank Arthur enough for his kindness, support, and of course, his excellent legal counsel through what was a difficult and traumatic time of my life.”