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Whang Law Firm, P.C., located in Los Angeles, is a highly sophisticated small-firm practice that specializes in employment law, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour law (for example: overtime, meal and rest periods, commissions, bonuses), leaves of absence, contract disputes, and related employment law issues. 

Whang Law Firm, P.C. also provides individuals and companies with expert advice, counseling, and training in all manner of employment situations, including interviewing and hiring, discipline, terminations, and leaves of absence.  We are also experts in drafting, preparing, and reviewing employment-related contracts such as employment agreements, separation agreements, severance packages, independent contractor agreements, and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, among others.  For our counseling clients, we act as their “in-house” employment counsel and often forge long-lasting and continuing bonds with them. They call on us only when needed, and we spring into action to help explain the law and advise them.

Attorney Arthur Y. Whang, a law graduate from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., uses his extensive experience and knowledge obtained while working at elite, national law firms to vigorously, ethically, and efficiently represent clients in all manner of employment disputes. Arthur has been quoted as an employment law expert in news articles on Fox.com and ESPN.com.  

As a small firm, Whang Law Firm, P.C. is able to focus on providing individual, focused attention to all of its clients and to emphasize quality over quantity.  We bill leanly and efficiently, and are highly adaptable and responsive to client needs. Please see what our clients say about us on our “Client Testimonials” page.

Whether you need an advocate to represent you in an employment dispute, or whether you need a lawyer to provide you or your company with advice and counseling, and an expert eye on key employment documents, we are ready to help you.

  • Arthur is honest, extremely knowledgeable and does an exceptional job at understanding his client’s needs. I trust Arthur personally and professionally.  I highly recommend Arthur to anyone looking for the BEST employment attorney to represent them.

    - J. , Corporate payroll industry -
  • Arthur guided us through the minefield that was our transition from employees to employers. His guidance and knowledge has been key to the successful start of our business.

    - M. , Construction industry -
  • When I have felt the need to reach out to an attorney with expertise in protecting employers and employees, Arthur’s counsel has always far exceeded my expectations.  He is responsive, efficient, and effective.  Over the years, he has helped me on multiple occasions and I am truly thankful to have found him.

    - C.C. , Medical Industry -
  • We worked with Arthur Whang and his company on several cases mainly human resources and labor law field.  With a deep understanding of our company value and philosophy, Arthur has always handle each case with care, empathy and firmness too.  Arthur is very reactive and committed to provide guidance and support in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Arthur and his firm.

    - Sofia , Cosmetics Industry -
  • I retained Whang Law Firm to draft an employee handbook for my growing law practice.  Arthur did a terrific job not only in terms of his knowledge of employment law, but in terms of getting back to me quickly and explaining the various laws in a way that made sense to a non-employment lawyer.  I would highly recommend him for your employee handbooks and other employment documents, as well as your employment advice and counseling needs.  I have also referred numerous other matters to Arthur and he has handled those with the same expert care and attention to service and detail.  I recommend Arthur and his firm without reservation.

    - D.P. , Legal Industry -
  • I've worked with Arthur on both the employee and employer side.  Arthur's advice is always balanced; he helps clarify what issues may arise and how to balance those best with the needs of the business or individual.  He helps the client think through decisions based on potential repercussions, legal or otherwise.  I highly recommend Arthur to my clients for their employment law needs and those that have worked with him so far are very impressed.

    - Elissa Phillips , President Mise En Place Restaurant Services, Inc. (Restaurant Services Industry) -
  • I found Arthur to be extremely knowledgeable and responsive to my case.   He was invaluable in advising me on the matter.   Arthur was invaluable in explaining the situation in such a way that I could understand the process and make informed decisions which i could benefit from.  I would highly recommend Arthur for any Labor matter he always responds quickly and I found him to be very personable, professional and to the point.

    - D. Odaka , President (Travel industry) -
  • I had the opportunity to work with Arthur when my position was downsized and Arthur reviewed my severance package. I was impressed with his level of legal competence and his thorough review of each issue. He took the time to make sure I understood each segment of the agreement as well as any potential mitigating factors that could affect me. His knowledge and experience in this area was the peace of mind I needed to feel reassured about signing the severance agreement.

    - A.T. , Review of separation agreement -
  • I originally turned to Arthur in a crisis situation with one of our employees.  Having never worked with him before, I was not sure what to expect.  He distinguished himself with his responsive, reliable, and practical counsel.  After he helped us to navigate our way through our crisis, he put in place a set of policies and agreements that will better protect our business going forward.  I have found him to be a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend his services without reservation.

    - M. , Medical Industry -
  • Love Serve Remember is a restaurant operating and holding company including the Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre brands including approximately 300 employees and growing.    Perhaps our biggest business challenge historically has been navigating the complex, confusing and impenetrable world of regulatory compliance in the area of human resources.   Since we retained Arthur Whang, for the first time, we actually feel like we have our arms around this issue as well as all of the related HR issues including employment contracts and healthcare.   Arthur not only completely understands these issues but, perhaps, most importantly, he has the rare ability to explain them to ley people and to offer intelligent, sound advice tailored to our business.

    - Chris and Lisa Bonbright, Owners , Love Serve Remember (Restaurant Industry) -
  • Whang Law Firm helped me tremendously.  Everything was very easy and Arthur Whang kept me in the loop with constant communication at all times which was very helpful for me.  He explained all the jargon and was very thorough and concise with my case.

    - P. , Unpaid wages, overtime, and meal and rest period case -
  • Whang Law Firm has been professional with my case. Arthur has been prudent, efficient and proficient in handling details and follow up. I trust him completely and have already referred friends his way.

    - E. , Sexual harassment, retaliation, and unpaid wages case -
  • I received a demand letter requesting monetary settlement in a Discrimination issue. Never having had to deal with something of this nature, I was quite shaken and unsure just what steps I should take.  With Arthur, It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had a contracted a very proficient and talented litigator.  Six months after he took on my case, he had it resolved with a highly satisfactory outcome.  I highly recommend Arthur Whang and his organization.  He is a consummate professional, exceptionally prepared, and skilled in negotiation and litigation.   I hope the need never arises, but if it does, I won’t hesitate to contact Arthur and his team.

    - D. , Sexual harassment case -
  • I would recommend Arthur Whang to anybody in need of a good attorney.  I recently had the opportunity to work with Arthur Whang in a workplace defamation case.  Not only was Mr. Whang incredibly knowledgeable and professional, he also was able to empathize with the emotional difficulty of the situation.  His great advice, calm demeanor and positive attitude certainly made the experience more palatable.  Mr. Whang brought the case to a successful conclusion and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

    - N. S. , Defamation and Employment-Related Case -
  • I highly recommend Whang Law Firm.  They handled a discrimination and unpaid wages case for me and were very professional and thorough.  Arthur explained all of the legal issues and choices I had, and was very quick to respond to me and helpful.  He got me a great result and I would recommend him to anyone needing employment law help.

    - R. , Disability discrimination, unpaid wages case -
  • Arthur represented me in a case involving unpaid wages from a former employer. Through Arthur’s efforts, they rather quickly consented to an agreement on a detailed plan for repayment of these unpaid wages. This was accomplished without having to file with the courts or yielding any of my legal rights should they fail to honor the agreement. While working with Arthur in this matter, a couple of things in particular about Arthur stood out. In all our conversations, communications and strategizing in regards to this matter it was clear to me that Arthur’s primary concern was to seek out the best outcome for me at the least expense. Secondly, throughout the period since the agreement was completed Arthur has regularly checked in with me to make sure the other party is continuing to meet their obligations under the agreement. Arthur’s consideration and respect for my best interests were, and will always be, truly appreciated.

    - Robert K. , Unpaid wages -
  • I was referred to Arthur Whang by the folks at a global financial institution.  Mr. Whang had represented several client’s complaints against the company and they were duly impressed with his professionalism.  I engaged with Mr. Whang, and upon his understanding the history and my issues, he identified several legal issues and immediately formulated a strategy for engagement.  I had suffered discrimination from one of the largest IT organizations in the world.  Mr. Whang's legal skills, tenacity, and work ethic accounted for a resolution in my favor, in a timely fashion. It was a great comfort having Mr. Whang represent me during this stressful period.

    - C.F. , Age discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation case -
  • A few years ago, there were several issues I had with my employer that led me to seek counsel from Mr. Whang.  Arthur was very professional and yet also understanding and sympathetic to my situation.  Arthur kept me informed and in-the-loop every step of the way.  He made me feel he was taking care of my legal needs as well as my personal need to know what was happening.  Ultimately, the lawsuit ended in my favor.  I know personally, if I didn't follow through with this course of action, I would have later regretted it at a personal level.  Mr. Whang’s advice, counsel and guidance are the reasons my case ended in my favor.  I give Mr. Whang my highest recommendation.  He has proven to be a honest, hard-working, extremely competent attorney.  Arthur's knowledge of the law and his ability to accurately anticipate the opposition’s moves are impressive and noteworthy.  Although this process is not exactly "fun", it was as painless as possible thanks to Mr. Whang.

    - S.W. , Disability discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination case -
  • The day I first spoke with Mr. Whang was a happy day for me.  From the very first contact with Mr. Whang it was clear to me that he was unlike any other attorney I was reaching out to.  The communication was direct, no middle person, no “send us a letter and we will let you know …”  When one is looking for an attorney one is also looking for an ally and Mr. Whang proved to be both.  He proved himself as an expert in the area of law we needed an attorney for as well as an honest person with strong integrity.  There were no hidden fees and he delivered exactly what he said he would do.  I could positively say that Arthur Y. Whang is a shining example of what [an] attorney should be and I am recommending his office wholeheartedly.  If you have a legal problem and you are either lost or overwhelmed or simply do not have that faith that someone could truly be on your side, then Arthur Y. Whang is your man.  He is never going to keep you in [the] dark and you will never have to call for a status because he would give you an up-date every step of the way.  Arthur Y. Whang is the man whom you can trust.

    - Z.S. , Disability discrimination and retaliation case -

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