“I highly recommend Whang Law Firm.  They handled a discrimination and unpaid wages case for me and were very professional and thorough.  Arthur explained all of the legal issues and choices I had, and was very quick to respond to me and helpful.  He got me a great result and I would recommend him to anyone needing employment law help.”

R.(Disability Discrimination, Unpaid Wages Case)

“I received a demand letter requesting monetary settlement in a discrimination issue. Never having had to deal with something of this nature, I was quite shaken and unsure just what steps I should take. With Arthur, It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had a contracted a very proficient and talented litigator. Six months after he took on my case, he had it resolved with a highly satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend Arthur Whang and his organization. He is a consummate professional, exceptionally prepared, and skilled in negotiation and litigation. I hope the need never arises, but if it does, I won’t hesitate to contact Arthur and his team.”

D.(Sexual Harassment Case)

“Arthur represented me in a case involving unpaid wages from a former employer. Through Arthur’s efforts, they rather quickly consented to an agreement on a detailed plan for repayment of these unpaid wages. This was accomplished without having to file with the courts or yielding any of my legal rights should they fail to honor the agreement. While working with Arthur in this matter, a couple of things in particular about Arthur stood out. In all our conversations, communications and strategizing in regards to this matter it was clear to me that Arthur’s primary concern was to seek out the best outcome for me at the least expense. Secondly, throughout the period since the agreement was completed Arthur has regularly checked in with me to make sure the other party is continuing to meet their obligations under the agreement. Arthur’s consideration and respect for my best interests were, and will always be, truly appreciated.”

Robert K.(Unpaid Wages Case)

“I was referred to Arthur Whang by the folks at a global financial institution.  Mr. Whang had represented several clients’ complaints against the company and they were duly impressed with his professionalism. I engaged with Mr. Whang, and upon his understanding the history and my issues, he identified several legal issues and immediately formulated a strategy for engagement. I had suffered discrimination from one of the largest IT organizations in the world. Mr. Whang’s legal skills, tenacity, and work ethic accounted for a resolution in my favor, in a timely fashion. It was a great comfort having Mr. Whang represent me during this stressful period.”  

C.F.(Age Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Retaliation Case)

“A few years ago, there were several issues I had with my employer that led me to seek counsel from Mr. Whang.  Arthur was very professional and yet also understanding and sympathetic to my situation.  Arthur kept me informed and in-the-loop every step of the way.  He made me feel he was taking care of my legal needs as well as my personal need to know what was happening.  Ultimately, the lawsuit ended in my favor.  I know personally, if I didn’t follow through with this course of action, I would have later regretted it at a personal level.  Mr. Whang’s advice, counsel and guidance are the reasons my case ended in my favor.  I give Mr. Whang my highest recommendation.  He has proven to be a honest, hard-working, extremely competent attorney.  Arthur’s knowledge of the law and his ability to accurately anticipate the opposition’s moves are impressive and noteworthy.  Although this process is not exactly “fun”, it was as painless as possible thanks to Mr. Whang.”

S.W.(Disability Discrimination, Retaliation, Wrongful Termination Case)

“The day I first spoke with Mr. Whang was a happy day for me. From the very first contact with Mr. Whang it was clear to me that he was unlike any other attorney I was reaching out to. When one is looking for an attorney one is also looking for an ally and Mr. Whang proved to be both. He proved himself as an expert in the area of law we needed an attorney for as well as an honest person with strong integrity. There were no hidden fees and he delivered exactly what he said he would do. I could positively say that Arthur Y. Whang is a shining example of what [an] attorney should be and I am recommending his office wholeheartedly. If you have a legal problem and you are either lost or overwhelmed or simply do not have that faith that someone could truly be on your side, then Arthur Y. Whang is your man. He is never going to keep you in [the] dark and you will never have to call for a status because he would give you an up-date every step of the way. Arthur Y. Whang is the man whom you can trust.”

Z.S.(Disability Discrimination and Retaliation Case)

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